Discover Forest Friends

Behind every plot of woodland is a forest manager who is committed to managing the forest in a sustainable way. But to be recognised, you need to make yourself known. That's the aim of SRFB's Forest Friends programme.

The forest is close to us and, at the same time, mysterious: a refuge for biodiversity, a place to find resources, a supplier of wood, a climatic ally, etc. It is multifunctional and precious. Foresters have many roles to play in caring for it and ensuring its renewal. In a way, they are the "architects of the forest".

To help you (re)discover the great stories and little secrets of the undergrowth, we offer guided walks in the forest for all ages, fun activities for children, as well as educational resources and training for teachers and leaders who want to help their pupils discover the forest. Become a friend of the forest today with Forest Friends!

Our Volunteer Forest Guides

The Forest Friends programme has been running for over 10 years, largely thanks to our Volunteer Forest Guides. THANK YOU to all our guides for their commitment to helping us raise awareness of the forest and its riches.

Would you also like to do something for the forests? Find out here about opportunities to volunteer and support our projects.

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