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3 major dynamic functions

An essential component of our territory, the forest fulfils 3 major dynamic functions at the service of society

As a production site for wood materials, the forest creates many jobs on the ground and in the downstream sector (sawmills, paper, panels, etc.);

Home to significant biodiversity, it protects soils from erosion, plays a positive role in the water and air cycles by producing oxygen and acts as a carbon sink;

A place where the public can come in search of fresh air and open spaces, the forest is a place where everyone lives: walkers, anglers, hunters, etc;

In the face of climate change, maintaining these different functions is a challenge if forests are to continue to provide us with the benefits of their services. More resilient forests are first and foremost more diverse forests, in terms of species, silvicultural practices, genetics and habitats.

With this in mind, SRFB has adopted and adapted the "Mosaic Forest" concept as a way of thinking about the forest of the future.

Belgium's forest

In 150 years, forest cover has
increased by 25%.

Figures, species distribution, nature conservation, PEFC certificationFind out more about Belgium's forests.

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Forest Health Observers

Trees suffer from diseases, dieback and attacks.

Forest trees and stands have always been subject to disease, decay and pest attacks.

Result of bark beetle attack

Bark beetles

Europe's biggest forest pests.

Since August 2018, spruce trees have been suffering from numerous attacks by the Ips typograph (bark beetle) in our forests, mainly as a result of their weakening as a result of the drought.

wind turbines in the forest

Wind power in forests: the SRFB says no

Position of the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium

In view of the growing number of wind farm projects in forests, the SRFB has taken a position with a opposition to implantations and therefore to an exclusion of any new installations.

Forest mosaic illustration

The mosaic forest

Our approach to forests and forestry

With the changing view of the forest, both by the public and by foresters themselves, its production function is no longer necessarily dominant in everyone's minds. Its social and environmental functions have also acquired essential status. We could also talk here of ecosystem services (carbon storage, water filtration, timber production...).

Skidding in the forest

List of horse stevedores

Some members of the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium have expressed a desire to use horse-drawn logging on their farms. However, this intention is often accompanied by difficulties in finding suitable service providers.

Opposite you will find a list of horse stevedores compiled by the Meneurs association. If you are still having difficulty organising your site, contact the asbl meneurs who will be happy to help you (

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