Documentary web series on the forestry and wood industry


This web series produced by our production company and directed by Jun Cordon is online at and on YouTube channel dedicated.

The documentary web series project was born in 2019 following a meeting between Jun Cordondirector and producer at ECP Films and Jean-Guénolé Cornet, chairman of Neosylva investissement.

With a passion for their respective areas of expertise and a wealth of experience to draw on, they were able to work together to develop this documentary web-series project. The aim is to introduce the general public to the forestry and wood industry from an outside, objective perspective, that of the director and his team, who, through a wide range of personal accounts, discover the work and often the passion of the men and women who work in the service of the forest. It's an angle that differs from that conveyed by other forms of media, which are less concerned with conveying a first-hand account than with putting across their own visions.

So, despite the coronavirus crisis, season 1 " Discovering the forestry and wood industry in France "has enabled 5 episodes of 8 to 12 minutes each (9 episodes were initially planned). This first season achieved its objective of introducing the general public to the forestry and wood industry. In all, more than 27 people interviewed and 5 regions covered. This first season was made possible thanks to financial contributions from institutional and private players in the industry who believed in this project and in the need for a different way of communicating.

The local television channel Via Vosges TV took an interest in the web series and bought the rights to broadcast the 2 seasons.

Season 3 of "The French Forest: Men, Women and Places" is currently in development. The first episode of this season, "The forest floor", will be released in October 2022!

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