RFSB and Forêt.Nature join forces for a major survey

The Royal Forestry Society of Belgium and Forêt.Nature are joining forces to carry out a major survey of forest owners and managers on forests, biodiversity and climate change.

I am taking part in the survey:

Droughts, health crises, dieback, new species, new silvicultural practices... Europe's forests are at the heart of many concerns and challenges that need to be addressed collectively. This survey, aimed at forest managers and owners, will provide a better understanding of these issues and help us to tackle them more effectively in the future.

This survey includes 3 complementary components sent separately in December 2023 and January 2024.

Strand 1: Climate change (beginning of December 2023)

Is climate change having an impact on your forest? Does it encourage you to adapt your management? The first part will aim to understand how you perceive climate change and what you need to do to deal with it.

Part 2: forest edges (end December 2023)

What type of borders should be installed on my plots? Do you make specific arrangements for them and do you have the tools to do so? The second section will look at the obstacles to the installation of edges and what you need to do to overcome them.

Section 3: dead wood and trees of biological interest (January 2024)

How much attention do you pay to dead trees in your forest? Do you have any trees of biological interest? What value do they have in your eyes? This final section will provide an overview of your perceptions and knowledge of dead wood and trees of biological interest in the forest, as well as your needs in terms of promoting them.

This survey is being carried out as part of several projects financed by the Walloon recovery plan. The results are anonymous and each survey takes 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

I am taking part in the survey:

Financed by the Wallonia recovery plan

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