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Introductory offer

Pass on your passion!

New Generation - Pass on your passion

Are you a member?
New Generation is for you!

Today, we are offering to help you make your descendants aware of how to manage your assets, by offering them membership of NTF and/or the Société Royale Forestière (if you own woodland) at a particularly attractive rate.

Why such an offer?

  • Because we believe that it's a pleasure to share the choices and direction taken in managing your rural heritage with your family, and that this brings generations closer together;
  • Because this heritage has a sentimental dimension that you also want to pass on to the next generation;
  • Because the day you want to pass on the management of the business to your children, they will be better prepared to take over smoothly;
  • Because they will be aware of the sometimes hidden aspects of such management;
  • Because there will be less loss of knowledge or skills from one generation to the next, an asset in an increasingly complex decision-making environment...

New Generation is an opportunity not to be missed for the future of your rural heritage!

If you have any questions about this introductory offer :

Notre offre de lancement pour l’année 2024

Vous souscrivez un pack New Generation comprenant 1 à 4 affiliations de vos enfants, petits-enfants, neveux ou nièces au tarif annuel exceptionnel et unique de 100 € le pack.
If you wish to join more than 4 people, the membership fee will be increased by
30 € /bénéficiaire supplémentaire.

This affiliation will be paid for by you and will open up the services (see table below) to beneficiaries according to your owner profile (NTF, SRFB or both).

In concrete terms

Si vous décidez de faire bénéficier vos enfants, petits-enfants, neveux ou nièces de cette opportunité unique, nous vous invitons à compléter le formulaire d’affiliation en bas de page. Une facture de cotisation vous sera envoyée.

La réception par voie postale (en Belgique) de 4 n° du magazine Ma Terre, Mes Bois de NTF
La réception par voie postale (en Belgique) de 6 n° du magazine Silva Belgica de la SRFB
Notice of General MeetingsFrom NTFFrom SRFBDes deux
La réception des mails d’actualité NTF Flash Info et Silva MaiNewsflashSilva MailNewsflash
& Silva Mail
Invitation to a New Generation event in 2024, co-organised by NTF and SRFB
New Generation

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If you wish to join more than 4 people, the membership fee will be increased by per additional beneficiary.

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