Discover the magic of our forests in just 1 hour! A fun way to explore the multifunctionality of our precious forests. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of foresters with your colleagues, during a convivial experience at lunchtime or any other convenient time.

Practical information

  • Type of activity : Indoor entertainment
  • Duration: 1h
  • Number of participants : 25 participants
  • Note: This activity can be repeated several times over the course of a day to ensure that as many of your employees as possible benefit.

Would you like to organise a getaway for your teams? There's nothing like the forest to recharge the batteries of your colleagues. As well as being a great place to take a walk, the forest is a source of health, oxygen and biodiversity. They contribute to the water cycle and climate regulation. A source of jobs, it provides us with a noble and warm material. It's also a place to recharge your batteries, a place of calm and beauty, in keeping with our history. Come and soak up all these benefits on a guided walk with one of our Forest Guides!

Forest Walk

Practical information

  • Type of activity : Forest walk
  • Duration: 2h30
  • Number of participants : 15 participants per guide
  • Note: The location of the walk will be agreed between you and the SRFB according to the constraints and availability of each party.

The positive impact of the forest on our physical and mental health is numerous and scientifically proven. Through the wonder of the senses and simple exercises, this activity is an invitation to experience the benefits of nature for your well-being. You'll come away from this activity with a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of nature, and with simple tools to help you make the most of them in your daily life.

This activity is organised in collaboration between SRFB and Esprit Cabane. More info

Forest break

Practical information

  • Type of activity : Forest immersion
  • Duration: 3h
  • Number of participants : 8 to 16 participants

Immerse yourself in the heart of nature and strengthen the bonds between your team during an unforgettable teambuilding experience in the forest. We offer three basic packages that can be adapted to suit your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for a personalised offer.

  • "Sensoryimmerse yourself in a unique sensory experience in the forest, where every moment is an invitation to discover and reconnect with your team and nature. Recharging your batteries guaranteed.
  • "InvestigationThe forest of tomorrow: develop your investigative skills and strengthen your team spirit in an immersive experience full of suspense.
  • "NetworkGet "inside the bark of a tree" to discover how it works and interacts with its environment. Just like a company, the forest is also a place of intense collaboration to be (re)discovered.
Forest team

Practical information

  • Type of activity : Teambuilding in the forest
  • Duration: 1/2 day ("Sensory" and "Network") or 1 day ("Investigation")
  • Number of participants : minimum 12
  • Location: Walloon Brabant

Turn your CSR approach into a real company project by taking your teams to discover the reforestation projects you have chosen to sponsor. What happened on the reforested plot? How can we strengthen the resilience of our forests? Meet our foresters, who will answer all your questions.

Find out more about support for plantations

Trees for Future - seedling in hands

Practical information

  • Type of activity : Visit to a plantation
  • Duration: 2h30
  • Number of participants : per group of 20 people


Julie Goffette  | Forest Friends Project Manager

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