List of horse stevedores

Some members of the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium have expressed a desire to use horse-drawn logging on their farms. However, this intention is often accompanied by difficulties in finding suitable service providers.

Opposite you will find a list of horse stevedores compiled by the Meneurs association. If you are still having difficulty organising your site, contact the asbl meneurs who will be happy to help you (

Skidding in the forest

The association Managers aims to research and develop animal traction.

  • The association may carry out any act relating directly or indirectly to this purpose;
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  • Act as an intermediary for other associations or companies with the same or similar corporate purpose;
  • Research into animal traction, advising public and private organisations on the use of animal traction, training drivers and/or animals (horses, donkeys, mules, oxen, etc.), breaking-in, tool development and construction, tool lending/exchange centre, exchange and technical platform, organisation of conferences and seminars.
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